Amanda Musselwhite

Attorney at Law

Amanda began her law career interning at the Appellate Clinic at the University of Akron School of Law. In 2012, she began working for the Colorado Department of Corrections Legal Department. Amanda assisted in ensuring the Department’s implementation of federal legislation, ensured compliance with requirements under ongoing litigation, and provided legal analysis to the Directors of Prison for proposed policy changes.

From 2012 until 2013, Amanda was a Deputy District Attorney with the 4th Judicial District. Amanda primarily prosecuted incidents involving charges of driving under the influence, domestic violence, and child abuse. During her time there, Amanda sharpened her abilities in presenting cases to juries.

Amanda began practicing family law in October 2013. Amanda has experience with cases involving complicated jurisdictional issues under the UCCJEA, UIFSA, and the Hague Convention. Amanda’s cases have involved businesses, multiple real estate holdings, and complex financial issues. Amanda has extensive experience in high conflict custody issues involving domestic violence, substance abuse, and psychological illnesses. While Amanda believes reasonable agreements can be reached in many cases, she is ready and willing to take the necessary issues to hearing to protect her clients and their children.