What is a BPP?

A "Bankruptcy Petition Preparer" (BPP) is a non-Attorney that offers to assist debtors with completing their bankruptcy petitions. According to Bankruptcy Courts the nation over, a BPP can do nothing more than act as a typist. BPP's are barred from giving...

When You Can Discharge Student Loan Debt

Debtors in bankruptcy almost always have to continue paying student loans.  Only in instances of “undue hardship” can student loans be discharged through bankruptcy. The most common test for “undue hardship” is the Brunner test w...

While there are many bankruptcy chapters, or types of bankruptcy, that one can file, the two most common are Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. These are also the two chapters that relate the most to individuals or families attempting to relieve their debt burden in some way.


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