Cost and Fees

Free Consultations

Initial consultations are always free at McKinney & Associates. Appointments typically last 30 minutes to 1 hour. Our comprehensive consultations include:


  • Informing the prospective client of his or her rights

  • An overview of established precedent in similar cases

  • An estimate of timelines and costs

  • An explanation of how the legal process works and what it will entail in their case

  • The probability of success in achieving the prospective client's goals and objectives


Family Law Retainers

The attorney handling your family law consultation will determine a specific retainer amount based upon the complexity of the matter. This retainer is the amount necessary for our firm to begin work on your case. However, it is not a flat fee and is not a guaranteed final cost for the case. If the retainer exceeds the total cost of your case, you would receive a refund from the firm. If the entirety of the retainer has been used before the case has concluded, additional funds would be required for continued representation.


Each family law client receives a bi-weekly statement detailing the work being done on his or her case, the charges involved, and the retainer amount remaining in his or her trust account. Clients should review billing statements once received, and direct any questions to Jill McKinney. Clients are never charged for correspondence regarding billing.

Personal Injury Cases

We handle most cases on a contingent fee basis, which means we do not get paid unless you make a recovery. We explain the full details of the fee and cost agreement to you before we begin your representation.


Bankruptcy Fees

The cost of filing bankruptcy depends on several factors, including which Chapter is filed, and the details of your case. After the attorney has reviewed your information during the initial consultation, the total cost of the bankruptcy is discussed.