Property Division 

What is marital vs. non-marital property?

While dividing your personal property is never ideal but necessary, many individuals often question whether or not an asset or property can be considered a non-marital asset or non-marital property. Dividing property and assets is a major event in most all dissolution cases. Sometimes, couples are able to agree easily and are able to divide property and assets quickly, however, most cases require intervention from the Court or advice from a trusted attorney. McKinney & Associates fight aggressively for our clients to make sure that a fair divorce settlement is reached, including important assets such as real estate, retirement accounts, investment accounts and business assets.

Determining whether or not your property is considered marital or non-marital is a complicated endeavor. Protect your property and assets, you need an experienced attorney on your side! The attorneys at McKinney & Associates of Colorado Springs, Colorado have the experience to fight for your assets,  property, and business assets.

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