Why You Need A Personal Injury Attorney

Feeling Overwhelmed After a Motor Vehicle Collision, but haven’t decided whether you need a Personal Injury Attorney in your corner? Here are some ways in which the law firm of McKinney & Associates can help you.

Hiring a Lawyer can bring significant value to your claim. Most individuals don’t know their worth and try to navigate the insurance system on their own. This can cause significant frustration and stress for the normal person and can even decrease the value of your claim.

Insurance companies try to limit your damages.

Right out of the gate insurance companies try to get recorded or written statements from individuals involved in collisions. These statements can be used against you when it comes to negotiating your damages. Their job is to limit your claim. Your medical injuries may not be known right away. In many cases, unless you suffered broken bones, your medical injuries may not be visible. It can take several weeks or months for some injuries to develop. They can further be overlooked as providers may treat the pain, but not the actual injury until the source of the pain has been diagnosed through additional diagnostic testing such as CT scans or MRI's.

Do not give a recorded statement without consulting an attorney first! An attorney can guide you through the process of providing a statement without allowing adjusters to minimize your injuries, damages, and losses.

Act as soon as possible.

When you don’t have legal counsel in your corner, you might not act soon enough. Don’t waste time trying to wade through the mounds of paperwork, making multiple phone calls to the insurance company, and attempting to find out what you need to do to correctly approach such a situation. Our office has the experience and expertise to open your claim quickly, have your property damage evaluated, and get you on the road to recovery. The law firm of McKinney & Associates hires experienced Attorneys and Paralegals who can handle all of the paperwork and phone calls for you, so that you get the best result possible.

Know what you’re worth.

In the eventuality of an injury, it is important to know exactly what you’re worth and what you are entitled to. Of course, without prior legal experience, it can be very difficult assess the situation. This is how many people only end up receiving about half of what they receive. If you’re not going to fight for what’s yours, no one is. A personal injury attorney has the knowledge and experience to help you come to a value of your individual claim and you would have someone in your corner that knows the law and how your individual situation needs to be treated.

Fighting decisions.

Sometimes, if you let them, even the authorities will make decisions that aren’t necessarily in your favor. If a decision has been made regarding your injury case but it’s not fair towards your claims, you can use an attorney in order to fight the decision. A good Attorney knows how the law works and are capable of combating initial decisions in a very efficient manner.

If you or a loved one have been injured, let The law firm of McKinney & Associates

explain to you all of your legal options. You may be able to recover money for damaged property, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Colorado law limits the amount of time you have to file a personal injury claim. Contact our law firm today at (719) 633-4541

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