Pedestrian Safety Tips

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 5,376 pedestrians were killed and an estimated 70,000 more were injured in traffic crashes in 2015. That means that a pedestrian was killed almost every 1.6 hours and injured every 7.5 minutes. With the number of pedestrian-related accidents continuing to climb each year, there are many things that we can do as pedestrians and drivers to prevent future accidents.

If you are a pedestrian:

-Obey all road signs and signals.

-Make sure to use sidewalks when they are available. If a sidewalk is not available, make sure to walk facing traffic and maintain your distance from passing vehicles.

-Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid using your cellphone or other electronic devices when walking as they can distract you from focusing on traffic around you.

-Cross streets at crosswalks or intersections. Always look both directions prior to crossing any street.

-Do not assume that a driver sees you when you are crossing the street. Drivers can be distracted at times, so it is always best to make eye contact prior to crossing in front of any vehicle.

-Make sure you are visible to drivers no matter what time of day. During the day, wear bright-colored clothing and at night, choose clothing with reflective material. It is also important to use a flashlight or clip-on light, so you are more visible to passing traffic.

-Look out for vehicles entering and exiting driveways. When walking through a parking lot, watch out for vehicles backing up.

If you are a driver:

-Obey all road signs and signals.

-Follow the speed limit especially around schools and hospitals.

-Make sure that you are always looking out for pedestrians. Take extra caution when visibility is poor due to bad weather or time of day.

-Slow down and prepare to stop when entering a crosswalk. Leave plenty of space between the crosswalk and your vehicle, so that other vehicles can see crossing pedestrians.

-Yield to all pedestrians in crosswalks.

-Never try to pass a vehicle stopped in a crosswalk as there may be pedestrians crossing that you are unable to see.

-Use extra caution when backing up a vehicle as pedestrians can move into your path at any time.

-Never drive a vehicle when under the influence or alcohol or drugs as it can impair your judgment and ability to drive which could lead to a pedestrian traffic crash.

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