The Benefits of Mediation

Whether you are going through divorce or child custody proceedings, you will be required to participate in mediation before you can attend a contested final orders hearing. Mediation is an informal conflict-resolution process where a neutral, third-party mediator is brought in to assist in negotiating an agreement between the parties. During mediation, the mediator will help identify concerns, promote communication, and look for solutions that will lead to a mutually acceptable agreement.

What are the benefits of mediation?

Lower Costs - Mediation is more cost effective than going to court. In some cases, mediation can be free or low cost.

Rapid Process - Generally, mediation only takes a couple of hours and is fairly easy to schedule. In contrast, it can take several months to schedule a hearing with the court.

Confidentiality - During mediation, parties are separated into different rooms. This allows each party the opportunity to discuss their concerns with the mediator without having to disclose information to the other party.

Flexibility and control - Parties have the freedom to decide the terms of their agreement with the help of a mediator. If both parties can agree to the terms, a final agreement can be made without going to court.

Preserve relationships - Mediation allows parties to have effective communication without hostility.

Greater client satisfaction - Parties that participate in mediation are generally more satisfied with the results because the terms of the agreement have been mutually accepted by all participants.

Greater compliance - Parties that reach an agreement during mediation are typically more likely to comply with the terms of the agreement.

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