Should you go to the ER following a car crash?

Following, your collision you should go to the emergency room immediately to identify if an injury is present. Many serious injuries are not visible and a proper examination by a trained healthcare professional is crucial. Triage staff will be sure to deliver the proper care including the ordering medical imaging such as x-rays, CT Scans, MRIs, etc. Spinal injuries are not apparent to the naked eye and the earlier you consult with an expert, the earlier a course of treatment can be established for your injuries. Even if you feel your injuries are not life-threatening, an emergency room visit is valuable for a full and thorough evaluation and assessment of your injuries. Often times, your adrenaline will mask symptoms of a serious injury which may lead you to initially believe that you were not injured when you could have a serious underlying injury. Many urgent cares or primary care clinics may not be fully equipped to perform the necessary testing that should be done immediately following a crash.

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