McKinney & Associates understands divorce is difficult, and having children in the mix can further complicate the process. Here are some tips that will help you protect your kids mentally and emotionally while proceeding with your divorce:

1. Reassure your children the divorce is not their fault. Many times, children think that they are to blame for their parents getting divorced. Sincerely reassure them they are not to blame. This may seem simple, but such reassurance is fundamental during such a confusing and emotional time.

2. Never speak ill of the other parent in front of your children. It is never advisable to make your children choose sides. Even true comments about the other parent can have an adverse impact on your children. Any form of alienation of the other parent’s affection is one of the worst things you can do during your divorce, and such behavior has both legal consequences as well as emotional repercussions for your children.

3. Work with the other parent for the sake of your children. This point is often the hardest of them all, but ultimately it will be the most effective tool you have in reducing the impact of the divorce on your children. You and your ex-spouse must make strong efforts to co-parent. Lack of communication may be why you

are divorcing, but do not let it impact your parenting. Kids need to see their parents work together and equally participate in their lives. Put aside your differences and work toward your common goal ̶ your children ̶ at special occasions, such as birthdays and school events, as well as during more mundane activities such as parenting exchanges.

We know getting a divorce is a very personal and often painful process. The suggestions above may help ease the pain for your children. Just as you will be there to help guide your children throughout this process, McKinney & Associates has the experience to guide you throughout your divorce. Contact our office today at (719) 633-4541 to schedule your Free Consultation with one of our attorneys, who will be able to provide answers to your many family law questions.

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