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  • Jill Russell

Statute of Limitations in Colorado Car Accident Cases

If you were injured in an automobile accident, it is important to know how long you have before you have to file a lawsuit against the liable party.

Colorado Statutes

According to Colorado Revised Statute 13-80-101(1), you have three years to file a lawsuit for injuries sustained in a car accident.

For lawsuits filed after the 3 years have passed, the courts will typically automatically deny your claim.

While there are some scenarios that may permit a late filing (generally involving minors or persons under a disability), it is best to make sure you begin the process before the three-year mark in order to get full compensation for your injuries.

When does the clock start?

Generally, the countdown begins on the day the accident occurred.

While it is not a requirement to file suit immediately, we recommend beginning the claims process as early as possible to ensure you have the maximum amount of time to resolve your case. It is also important to consider the risk of evidence or witnesses disappearing increases the longer that you wait, which can make the job of getting you your full damages more difficult.

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